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If you have never visited the kraken2 website, then you probably want to know what stores on the prohibited trading platform are selling. Or maybe you need a specific product, but you're not sure whether to contact Kraken. We will tell you what can be found on the pages of the most popular darknet site of our time, and what is not there.

What's for sale on Kraken?

Perhaps you, like many ignorant people, think that the site is a gathering of drug addicts and bandits selling all sorts of nonsense. This is a big mistake. You can buy recreational drugs and other illegal items on Kraken's pages, but it's not all doom and gloom. Especially during the period of sanctions that have hit the Russian Federation, many people come here in search of goods that are not on the shelves of regular stores. It may be, both various equipment, for example, phones and computers, and branded clothing, illegally imported from abroad. Additionally, Kraken merchants offer a range of hacking services. Such services are in demand among businessmen who do not mind spoiling the reputation of their competitors. In general, the website sells a wide range of products that will be useful to anyone in any situation.